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the game of cunts

Some men are driven only by their cocks. Their twisted eagerness to be on top of all eventually throws them on the very bottom, hopefully. These men are players, and that says it all; life is a game for them, limitless and dooming. Some women are even simpler creatures, with their emotions and all; but their cunts and its desire for restraining cocks make them totally plain, in a boring way for players. While most women struggle for cocks and bonds, and play little cock-bonding games, some men struggle for power, and play big time. Their power requires a set of standard attrubutes like lots of money, expensive useless things, fancy cars, boasting of actions and cock's length, and, most of all, cunts. These men collect cunts, and even the bonded ones desire for more new ones, yeap, deep inside they do. Nothing stops them in their game of cunts. Decency, you say? They screw your decency. Friendship, you say? These cock-driven men screw your friendship as well. They will fuck your girls as soon as they get this chance, just to soothe themselves with this fact. They will overstep you just to feel being on top, whatever on top means for these creatures. So, beware, boys. So, don't spread your legs unless necessary, girls, or you'll be just another cunt in someone's collection.


меня зовут Саша, в интернет-сфере обычно подписываюсь как kas. я обычный человек.

здесь я пишу.

я пишу о себе, чтобы рассказать о себе. я пишу о себе, чтобы разобраться в себе, познать себя, принять себя. я пишу о других, чтобы рассказать о себе. я пишу о мире, чтобы рассказать о себе.

я рассказываю о себе, чтобы другие нашли себя внутри меня и меня внутри себя.

я не пытаюсь повлиять на мир. я просто рассказываю о себе.
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